Renewals & Transfers

We don't work with one bank or one institution; we are an independent, unbiased mortgage brokerage, with a sole purpose of finding you the best mortgage solution.

No haggling and no negotiating! We believe that all clients, regardless of net worth, deserve a mortgage rate based on their credit rating and ability to repay.

We can guarantee your rates up to 120 days (4 months) before your mortgage comes due, and this service is free, and with no obligations. Just this protection alone could and does save thousands of dollars for our clients. Let's get it working for you, today!

Homeowners often think that if they transfer their mortgage to a new lender they could end up paying additional costs such as penalties, appraisals and other fees.

The Mortgage Advisors has many lenders that will pay for all renewal expenses including:
  • All legal costs
  • Appraisals
  • Property title insurance
  • Transfer fees

If you do receive a fully discounted rate from The Mortgage Advisors and your current lender decides to match it, keep this in mind; why did they not offer that rate from the beginning?

The Mortgage Advisors will offer the most competitive rate from day one!!

Not only do we offer the most competitive rates to our clients but we also love to show a client how to pay a mortgage off faster and that is yet another service we offer for free. Our team of mortgage brokers and agents will show you how to take years off your mortgage amortization.

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